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Classcom was founded in 1988 with the idea of capturing the many timeless messages conveyed through comic strips. It was our belief that people cherish the true to life words expressed by their favorite comic characters, that belief was confirmed by the instant success and continued demand for Comic Strip Art.

Comic Strip Art Our line of art includes a wide variety of subject matters relating to business and professional life, recreational activities, hobbies and general humor. We have art from the most important and recognized comic strips such as John Hart's B.C. & Wizard of Id, Chris Browne's Hagar the Horrible, the late Jeff MacNelly’s Shoe, Richard Torrey’s Pete & Clete, Bob Thaves' Frank & Ernest, Roger Bollen’s Animal Crackers and Mike Peters’ Mother Goose & Grimm. We also have art by Sydney Harris and Edward Gorey. Art is available in a variety of formats and editions.

Our company continues to introduce new comics and products that our unique, meaningful and sophisticated. Our line of quotations has expanded with the introduction of Stamped in History

Stamped in History combines significant events, quotations and speeches with related United States original issue postage stamps. Postage stamps are the traditional way that countries honor and commemorate great people, places and events. Stamped in History captures and preserves key moments in history.

Classcom continues to grow by proving art and gift collections that are unique and meaningful.

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